Purple Ramo Buchon Ideas

Purple Ramo Buchon Meaning, Significance and Crafting

Do you like the purple flower most, or are you looking for a purple flower for your loved or want to gift it to someone who loves the purple color, and you want to impress her with the purple flower that you know her favorite color, then the best choice to gift her is Purple Ramo Buchon. 

Purple Ramo Buchon usually consists of 25 to 100 stems, which are beautifully hand-tied with a ribbon and covered with a shining sheet. Most of the time, people also add money to its side and add a artificial golden color butterfly to enhance its beauty and provide a more royal look. 

In this blog, we will discuss the meaning, significance, care and how to make it at home with some tips and tricks. We will also share a buying guide with you if you want to buy it and want to impress your loved ones.

Significance of Purple Ramo Buchon  

Purple has various meanings, including wisdom, creativity, royalty, power, ambition, and luxury. It also represents magic, extravagance, peace, pride, independence, and wealth. As purple has various meanings, Purple Ramo Buchon conveys the appeal of solid love at first sight, which provides a luxurious look and is used to impress someone. That’s why it is also used to propose to someone and have a poetic choice for moments full of romance when they indulge in the beauty of their loved ones. Ramo Buchon left an unforgettable impression in someone’s mind due to its uniqueness, and the person you gave this to will never forget this beautiful gift.

Purple Ramo Buchon Its Beauty, Significance and Step-by-step crafting method

How to Make Your Own Purple Ramo Buchon

Suppose you are a creative person and want to make your own custom Purple Ramo Buchon in which even a single stem is placed according to your preferences and has a uniqueness. In that case, the best method is to make it at home, and we like to share a step-by-step guide on how to make it at home with tips and tricks.

Material Required: 

  • 25 to 100 Purple Roses with stem 
  • Scissors/Knife/Floral Cutter 
  • Floral Tape 
  • Ribbon 
  • Vase (Optional) 
  • Shining Sheet 
  • Artificial Golden Butterfly 
  • Purple Carnation & Purple Hydrangeas Flower 


Step-by-step Crafting for Purple Ramo Buchon Bouquet 

  • Start with selecting beautiful and well-bloomed purple roses that bloom more than 50% and removing any thorns and extra leaves on the lover side of the stems. 
  • Now, gather the roses in your hand, put the flower with elongated limbs into your hand, and incorporate a flower with a shortened stem to provide a signature dome shape. Make sure that all flowers are evenly arranged, and all flowers are utilized. 
  • If you want to incorporate purple carnations and purple hydrangea flowers, then you can infuse them in vacant spaces in the buchon or align them on one side of the buchon to enhance its beauty.
  • Once all your roses are aligned into a dome shape, use the floral tape to bind the stems gently. 
  • Once the Buchon dome alignment is completed, cover it with the shining sheet and embellish it with the ribbon to enhance its beauty. You can also add an artificial golden color butterfly to increase its beauty and royalty. 

Step-by-step Crafting for Purple Ramo Buchon for Vase 

  • Choose the flowers which bloomed more than 50% and cut them from the bottom at a 45-degree angle for maximum water absorption. 
  • Now, gather the roses in your hand, align them in a dome shape and tie them with floral tape. 
  • You can also add purple carnations and purple hydrangea flowers to increase its beauty. 
  • Now put it in a clean vase with the third quarter filled with floral tonic water/Fresh Tap Water. 
  • Protect it from direct sunlight and change its water every day afterwards for its long-lasting life. You can also read our Research blog on How do you take care of a Ramo Buchon for complete care details. 

Guide for buying Purple Ramo Buchon 

Suppose you are unable to make a purple ramo buchon at home due to your busy schedule. In that case, you can buy it either online or at a florist near you, or you can make a custom bouquet of your choice by considering the following points and grace your special occasions: 

  • Before buying, make sure the flowers you are purchasing are bloomed more than 50% and freshly cut. 
  • You can ask your florist to embed it with other flowers like lilies, roses, carnations and many more of your choice. 
  • You can buy bouquets ranging from 25 to 100 stems according to your budget and requirements. 
  • If you want to buy it for putting in the vase, make sure that its stem is cut at a 45-degree angle from the bottom for maximum water absorption. 



The Purple Ramo Buchon exemplifies beauty and elegance, making it the perfect accessory for any event. Its resplendent hues and captivating allure render it a sought-after choice for weddings, galas, purposes, anniversaries, royal gift and other formal gatherings. Regardless of where you procure this floral masterpiece from, by a professional florist or your own creativity, the Purple Ramo Buchon is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who gaze upon its brilliance. 

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